Reader services

The Reader Services serves students and staff of the University, alongside researchers and the general public. All readers are welcome to consult Library materials in the reading room, during our regular opening hours.

Ask a Librarian!

The Ask a Librarian Service is a Reference and Information Service aimed, at guiding our Library patrons. It also serves as a means of getting and staying in touch with UAT Librarians for Expert research help, recommendations for Books, Journals, Videos and other Library Information Resources.

Internet services

The UAT Library provides free internet services to all UAT community members(staff and students). The Internet Service can be accessed via our Public Access Computers located within the library complex.

Current Awareness Services

The aim of the Current-Awareness Service is to inform our users about new acquisitions and collections in the UAT Library. The Current Awareness Service is run through a variety of platfroms like Billboards, Notices and our Social Media presence.

Reprographic services

The following services are offered in the Reprographic Services Unit of UAT Library. Printing, Photocopying, Laminating, Scanning and Bindery services.