This department is responsible for the formulation of policies for the management of the library. It is headed by the University Librarian.

Resource Development

This Section is headed by the Resources Development Librarian, who is responsible for the selection and acquisition of books and other information resources. He identifies, selects and acquires materials through purchase, gift and exchange, etc.

Technical Services Unit

This Division is responsible for organization and preservation of information resources, to meet the Research, Teaching, and Learning initiatives at UAT. The head of this department is called Technical Services Librarian.

Circulation Unit

This Unit is responsible for the charging and discharging (lending and return) of information resources in the Library. The Unit also handles the management of Library users. It is headed by the Circulation  Librarian.

Reference and Information Unit

This Unit manages all Reference Resources of the UAT LIbrary, these resources are to be consulted for specific information within the library and not borrowed. The head of this Unit is called the Reference Librarian. He/She coordinates the Ask a Librarian service of the Library.

Serials Division

This Division is responsible for acquisition and management of print as well as E-journals and Databases, Newspapers, Magazines etc. These information resources are usually consulted within that division as well as online. It is headed by the Serial Librarian.


This Unit handles all electronic content of the library, it is involved in providing every user, students and staff alike, with free access to the internet and electronic resources (e-database, e-books and e-journals). This department also manages and maintains the computer systems, web presence, content and networks of the library with a view to enhancing effective use of these resources by the University Community.